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Find the perfect made-to-measure aluminium venetian blinds within our exclusive range. There are many shades and stunning patterns to select from

We stock a vast colour range for aluminum venetian blinds

Control we have three types

1. Control via a wand and cord to rotate and lift
2. Chain to tilt and lift
3. Motorized for ultimate luxury

Features of aluminium blinds

• Durable
• Economical

Technical specifications of components

Head Rail

U shaped
24mm x 26mm channel
Coated with vinyl primer
Finished with polyester baked enamel
Colour coded to match slats and bottom rail

Bottom rail

Oval shaped
Protective caps added to secure end of ladder


Aluminium alloy- high strength
25mm wide
No visible sag in alloy
0.18mm and 0.21mm thickness


Snap and lock cord to hold blind at desired level
Wear guard to minimize wear to cord
Auto lock device fitted on release of the cord.

Aluminium venetian blinds are perfectly suited to any type of home. Keep things simple and discreet with a neutral shade that fades into the background. Or shake things up a little with our bold colours or a metallic option that really makes a statement. Take a look at our aluwood Venetian blinds or aluminium blinds. They benefit from the natural look of wood while standing up to the splashes and humidity found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Venetian aluminium blinds offer a hygienic and easy to clean solution.

Venetian blinds are a particularly good choice for areas near water or humidity. They don’t offer the same refinement as Roller blinds or Roman blinds, but sometimes practicality has to come first.

We have numerous colours in this style, you are only limited my your imagination.

There’s so much more to straightforward Venetian blinds than you might first envisage. With endless colour options they are simple and discreet with a choice from our whites and neutrals. There’s still the opportunity to be a little adventurous with a riskier finish, such as pearlescent or metal colours.

Alternatively be bold and choose a bright colour; from Yellow and Apple to Plum, there’s a shade to suit any space and room. Silver is perfect to create this season’s minimalistic and clean look.

Whatever you are looking for Easy Blinds in Abudhabi can help you find your perfect aluminium blinds.





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