Tips to consider when buying curtains online


Curtains are a part of the decor both aesthetically and functionality. Curtains not only decorate windows and beautify a room, sometimes prevent natural light from entering the house and secure the privacy of the home. Choosing suitable curtains online for your home can be both fun and challenging.

Whether you are decorating a room or your entire home, choosing curtains is a decision you do not want to take lightly. But choosing such great ready-made blinds and curtains options and updating your window dressings will not be as expensive as before.

Of course, if you want curtains that complement the existing decor, you need to perform adequate functional duties appropriate to them. When buying curtains online, how do you make sure your purchase is successful?

When you are buying curtains online, here are some tips to consider before buying curtains Dubai and Abu Dhbai;

Colour and fabric:

If the room is exposed to direct sunlight, the colour of the curtains will fade very quickly, so we recommend light or pastel colours because it is much less likely when the light colour fades compared to dark or bright colours.

You should choose the curtain fabric depending on the weather. Because for warm weather, light and airy linen, cotton or silk are the most ideal.

What kind of practical purpose do you need to fulfil your curtains? Consider whether they are needed:

  1. 1.Gives you a privacy
  2. 2.Insulate a room or keep drafts
  3. 3.Turn off the light completely or reduce the brightness
  4. 4.Protects furniture

Considering these requirements will help you determine what type of fabric you need. For example sheer curtains fabric, blackout fabrics or thermal curtain fabrics.

Choose your style:

There are different options when it comes to curtain tracks or rods. If you do not already have one, consider what you would like to go for - eyelet curtains or pencil pleat curtains. Both give a great finish with smooth gliding, but keep in mind that your pole will be visible with eyelet curtains.

Fit for the season:

While it may not be practical to buy different curtains depending on the season. Some options will give versatility throughout the year. You may need beautiful heavy, heat-resistant curtains in the winter, but how do they feel in the summer? Consider hanging a double track and choosing sheer or lightweight drapes that are best suited for warmer months while giving you an element of privacy.

Machine wash or dry clean:

Some high-quality curtain fabrics should only be dry-cleaned or they will be damaged. This means that you will have to spend more money to maintain the expensive curtains.

If you need to save money and time in the long run, you may want to consider using cotton and linen curtains, as these fabrics can be machine washed at home, and you will not have to spend a lot of money on dry cleaning.

We hope the purchasing tips for curtains here have been helpful for you. Have a look online at Curtains Abu Dhabi to find some decorative inspirations and see how to match the fabric and sheer drapes in your home.