Best Coloured Blinds in Abudhabi To Match Your Walls

Coloured Blinds in AbuDhabi

Since most of us are still on lockdown and the weather in the UAE is getting hotter and sunnier by the day, you might be thinking about installing new blinds in Abu Dhabi. However, choosing the right colour is the tricky part because your window treatments should successfully match your interiors. When you have figured out the purpose your blinds will serve, then you can brainstorm about patterns, fabrics, and colours. Here are some tips to help you decide which colour to order for your next set of Abu Dhabi blinds. 


These colours are the most popular for blinds in Abu Dhabi because they do not draw attention to your windows. Your windows or balconies can blend into the background instead of becoming the focal point of the room. If you do not have a view or live in Dubai Marina apartments that are situated too close to each other, you might prefer more privacy. It is easier to keep your screens out of plain sight by complementing them with your walls and windows. 

White Abu Dhabi blinds are always the safest choice because they can effortlessly match with any interior design theme. You can benefit from several shades without making them bold and distracting. Alternatively, soft accents or pastel colours add a subtle contrast that blends into the background with ease if you do not want both your blinds and walls in white. 


If your interior goals are to make a statement by bringing some warmth and vibrance into your rooms, bolder colours like red, yellow, blue, green, and purple are ideal even if they may make your space appear smaller. Red is best for bringing attention to detail, and it activates to make us vigilant if we want to get things done. Yellow might help with decision making because it lifts our self-esteem and boosts confidence and optimism. Purple exudes sophistication and can be incorporated into any home or office as it expresses the most exquisite quality fit for royalty. Blue represents calmness and tranquillity, which makes it the best choice for bedrooms or home offices because it also inspires creativity. Green conjures productivity and creativity while associating with nature and growth, which makes it a top favourite for living rooms, studies, and kitchens. Your eyes would automatically draw towards these distinctive colours, and this makes them the best choice for balconies or windows overlooking picturesque views of the city, or your garden and backyard. 

Natural Wood

Faux or natural wood is a simple yet elegant choice of blinds because it adds a lot of individuality and style. These blinds in Abu Dhabi pair exceptionally with wooden furniture or hardwood floors. Dark finishes, such as cherry, walnut, or mahogany, look sharp against light hues, especially if your interiors have a tint of sunny blue or green. However, if you want to highlight your windows, light wood Abu Dhabi blinds will appear more prominently against dark wall tints. There are several tons of antique wood that offer complexity and depth to your window coverings and look stunning against both dark and light-coloured walls and furniture.

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