Duplex Blinds Abu Dhabi

Depending on the sheer or solid weave of the fabric, duplex blinds give an open and closed effect.This distinctive effect comes from the movement of the shade up or down. Our quirky Duplex blinds has a roller blind system that controls light and privacy. This product also known as zebra blinds, serves the purpose effectively and can enhance the look of the room. The double roller duplex blinds adds a modern touch to the window treatments. It should allow a stylish filtration of light inside by way of overlying layers and provides great control of light. It is designed by swapping stripes and translucent mesh. This good product always provides perfect  privacy and a soft glistening when closed and an impressive and cool view when rolled up. It operates using a simple chain system and alternate stripes of different fabrics can be used to create a full sheer blind, a full dim out blind or even a combination of both. They are stylish at the same time  simple to use. It utilises a two-phase system that magically switches from dim out to sheer. Duplex blinds come in a variety of shades and are suitable for any room setting.

Our made-to-measure double roller blinds are made with quality materials and fabric. Each of the blind functions by way of a chain that is placed on either side of the blind keeping them separate and easy to use. The fabrics used are ideal for controlling the light levels during the day and providing total darkness at night which is conducive for a peaceful sleep. Get our eye catchy and versatile duplex blinds and feel the change. Blinds Abu Dhabi can provide high quality items to you.

Special features

• High quality material and hence very much durable and long lasting.
• Simple and easy to handle.
• Accessible in an assortment of hues, it functions admirably in any condition.
• Lots of designs and colours to choose from.

Duplex Blinds

Duplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu DhabiDuplex Blinds Abu Dhabi