Pencil Pleat Curtains Abu Dhabi

Pencil pleat curtains are practical and stylish. They are versatile, easy to use, and easy to maintain solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining room windows. At Easy Blinds & Curtains you will find out the pleat curtains in different sizes, fabrics, and patterns. The reason why it is called pencil pleat curtains is because of the folds of the fabric, which look like a row of pencils stacked together near the header. Above, they show a tendency to present loops, which are connected to the curtain rails. These curves allow your curtains to be easily removed for cleaning. This makes it easier to open and close without much effort. This versatility and functionality make pencil pleat curtains a popular soft furnishing in any room in the house. 

A ready-made pencil pleat curtains bring a more traditional to a room, that is the main difference between pencil pleat and Velvet and Chenille Curtains. This Pencil pleat product is available in several lengths and sizes, this curtain style can be stretched to create the perfect fit in this window space. All curtains are ready-made for your convenience, and many features include tiebacks, scatter pillows, and other accessories. Easy blinds & curtains pride themselves on storing a wide range of styles and designs, from blackout curtains to ranges from flowers and stripes to even curtains. These products are available in a variety of colors like teal, white, pink, and grey.

We carry grey pencil pleat curtains in a variety of lightweight and heavy fabrics. You will find that each curtain comes in different widths and shades, making it easy to fit all the windows in your home. This quality product offers a great blackout performance and beats other curtain styles with their everyday elegance.  Purchase your favorite Curtains from Blinds Abu Dhabi.

Special features

  • Look like a raw of pencil
  • Adjust manually by pulling strings and adjusting the width
  • Lightweight and heavy fabrics
  • It makes easier to open and close curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains

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