Best ways to clean shower curtains and liners

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How to clean fabric and synthetic shower curtain

Having a fabric curtain made of cotton, linen, polyester or a mixture is as easy to clean as any other fabric in your home. Throw it in the washing machine on a cold wheel and use mild soap. If you have a delicate or decorative shower curtain, consider using a mesh laundry bag for extra protection, or wash a towel at the same time to wax your shower curtain.

Many shower curtains available today are resistant to mould and microorganisms. They are often made of plastics such as polyester, vinyl or polymer composites like EVA, and you may be worried about how to wash a synthetic shower curtain. Can I put a plastic shower curtain in the washing machine? If yes shower curtains are designed to withstand a lot of hot water, so you can wash any shower curtain in the washing machine on a low heat cycle.

You should use a mild detergent to wash synthetic shower curtains. Be especially careful to avoid chlorinated bleach, as it can cause white polyester to turn yellow. Also, eating the outer layer of material will shorten the life of your shower curtain. Remember most synthetic shower curtains are antimicrobial designed so they do not need to be washed with an intense cleaner.

Clean a shower curtain line with baking soda

Just because your plastic shower curtains or liner are dirty or have mould does not mean you should throw it away. Try to clean your washing machine with two bath towels in a comfortable setting. Add 1/2 cup baking soda to the wash cycle and 1/2 cup vinegar to the wash cycle. Let it drip and dry; Do not put it in the dryer.

Clean a shower curtain liner with bleach

Remove mould and mildew from your shower curtains. Wash plastic shower curtains in warm water with 1/2 cup chlorine bleach and 1/4 cup laundry soap. Run the washer for a few minutes before loading. Place the shower curtains and towels in the dryer at low temperature for 10 minutes, then hang immediately.

Clean a shower curtain liner with vinegar

Put dirty mould stains on your plastic shower curtain and two dirty towels in your washing machine. Add 1/2 cup washing machine and 1/2 cup baking soda to the machine and rinse with warm water. First, add 1 cup white vinegar to rinse. Before the machine goes on the spin cycle, remove the curtain and hang it.

How often should I clean a shower curtain?

Shower curtains Dubai need to be cleaned more often than you think. Even modern shower curtains designed to resist dirt and bacteria need a helping hand to keep them clean and fresh. Your shower curtain should be cleaned once a month to keep it in good condition.

Alternatively, you can extend the time between deep cleansings by wiping your shower curtain in your weekly cleaning routine. Spray the curtain with an all-purpose cleaner or spray bottle filled with white vinegar, and wipe it off after five minutes. This will go a long way in keeping your shower curtain stains and mould longer. By following this routine, you can reduce the time between removing and washing your shower curtains from once a month to once every three months.

Keeping your shower curtain clean is not difficult with these tips. Most modern curtains are easy to clean and following a simple routine will keep your shower curtain and liner clean and fresh, save money on replacement and make your home a great place to stay. Curtains Abu Dhabi give you similarly different shower curtains are important.