How to Quickly Clean Your Abu Dhabi Blinds Without Creating Slime and Clouds of Dust?

Let us face it, cleaning a set of blinds in Abu Dhabi is not exactly everybody’s favourite chore around the home. Many people put off doing this for a long time until a glimpse of the dusty slats conjure up self-disgust feelings until they are clean and spotless again. In the past, you may have attempted to clean your Abu Dhabi blinds hurriedly with a roll of dry paper towels in hand and a wad of wet ones in the other. However, this is the wrong way to clean your window coverings even if it seems to be the easiest. 

Cover Your Face While Cleaning

You might inhale too many dust particles if there is a severe layer of crud on the slats of your Abu Dhabi blinds. To protect your lungs from all that dirt, consider wearing a face mask or wrapping your mouth and nose with any small or medium length scarf. The best part is that you can always throw this cloth away after you are done scrubbing your blinds in Abu Dhabi. 

Clean Them Dry and Not Wet

The biggest mistake many residents make is that they assume the cloth or paper towel needs to be damp before scrubbing those dusty blinds in Abu Dhabi. When you start with a wet rag and then mop up with a dry one, you will create a muddy mess that will smear all the dirt around. Even though damp paper towels do pick up dirt and dissolve any scum in places that are hard-to-reach, using a dry towel first will finish the job much more effectively. If your Abu Dhabi blinds are covered in some serious grime, you may need additional cleaning agents, such as soap and vinegar. 

Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

Even though it is effortless to use a microfiber cloth or dust buster to clean those slats, the breakthrough method involves the small brush attachment that comes with your vacuum cleaner. You would be amazed at how much dirt this picks off your Abu Dhabi blinds compared to using a dry or wet cloth. Typically, it would take three times longer if you do not use a vacuum cleaner to make those blinds in Abu Dhabi look spotless. Many brush attachments work effectively and do not leave any particles on the ground or around the windows. If some dust falls underneath while cleaning, the vacuum will suck it right up without any further effort from your side. 

Clean in A Zig-Zag Pattern

The best thing to do is to angle your Abu Dhabi blinds to start with the concave bit first since this part collects the most dust. Then move slowly from top to bottom to let all the dust fall on the ground. You can also sweep this up as you go along. Work your way down each vertical section at a time, running along the length of your blinds in Abu Dhabi. Then pick a side, whether it is top left or right. Begin with a vertical section, then hoover the top slat from left to right. When reaching the end of a slat, drag the hoover brush down to the slat below. Then work your way back in the opposite direction. After finishing the second slat, drop down to the third and repeat this process. In the end, you will follow a zig-zag pattern that will make it much easier to move around while cleaning your blinds in Abu Dhabi.

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