Types of shutters in Abu Dhabi for windows

Types of shutters in Abu Dhabi for windows

Curtains Abu Dhabi offers high-quality window shutters, Home shutters, plantation shutters, wood shutters, and wood lower window shutters in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We are the pioneer in the manufacture of home shutters, wooden shutters, window shutters, plantation shutters, and similar shutters in Abu Dhabi. We expand our services to include homes, offices, and limited space. We also provide custom Shutters as per client requirements.

Types of Shutters in Abu Dhabi

1.Window shutters

The window shutters are rigid and stable, covering the entire window frame vertically upwards and horizontally to the rails. Inside the frame are fixed or movable, solid panels, fabric, glass, and any other items that can be mounted inside a frame. White window shutters are one of our most popular collections, bringing the stylishness they bring to any room, contemporary or traditional. Moreover, they are incredibly practical, filter out excess sunlight, and add privacy.

2.Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are different types of shutters with features that distinguish them from other types of shutters. Most importantly many people steal the view to customize the window frames with an aesthetic appeal. The uniqueness of these shutters is that they are chosen as a long-term investment that replaces the traditional manners of the Curtains, which require change as they are used longer. The most attractive feature of plantation shutters in Abu Dhabi is that it controls the weather according to the weather, which means that plantation shutters can heat a room in winter and cool it in summer.

3.Nature wood shutters

All shutters in Abu Dhabi are designed and manufactured by Blinds Abu Dhabi Company from natural solid wood. We do not use MDF, laminated, or finger joint woods. The natural finish range includes lightweight colors such as maple, ash, oak, and beech. Warm colors include teak, cherry, and cedar. Natural wood shutters are one of the main shutters for windows and doors.

4.Living room shutters

Living room shutters are the perfect solution for bay or sash windows that provide privacy, infinitely adjustable lighting, and a stylish alternative to curtains and blinds no matter what your interior style.

Window treatments can work wonders as you improve your home. Exterior house shutters and awnings can provide your family with shade from the sun and shelter from the rain while adding style and class to your space. With a variety of exterior house shutters and window openings in a stylish collection of colors and materials, you have a lot of choices to find the best shutters or awnings for your home.

In addition to adding value and beauty to your residence, retractable avenues and patio awakenings provide shelter on stormy days, reducing sunlight and brightness and increasing energy efficiency. A modern shutter exterior can give your home a unique and distinctive look. Vinyl shutters designed with wood-grain structure give the wood a sleek look. Exterior window shutters not only add sophistication to your home, but storm shutters also provide security.

So start your home shutters and evening project today. Find your favorite retractable awnings, motorized awnings, vinyl shutters, exterior window shutters, and more at Blinds Abu Dhabi now.