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Curtains Abu Dhabi

Our wide array of drapes and curtains will surely add elegance to your home.

Blinds Abu Dhabi

Our window blinds are sure to add a sheer sparkle and will brighten up your space.

Blinds Abu Dhabi

Quality Blinds And Curtains From Blinds Abu Dhabi

As a brand, Easy Blinds & Curtains, Abu Dhabi has made phenomenal progress in terms of quality service and products. We take pride in being the best blinds and curtains providers in the UAE. We’ve touched various milestones on our journey to success and here we are today, grown par excellence.

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Blinds Abu Dhabi
Blinds Abu Dhabi

Made To Measure

Our exquisite custom made blinds and curtains are tailored in a way to achieve the perfect fit for any window.

Blinds Abu Dhabi

At Your Convenience

We value your time and money. We are here to serve you no matter what. We will take charge of the entire process and will keep you updated while you sit back and relax.

Blinds Abu Dhabi

We Do It All For You

We as a team, focus on excellence and customer satisfaction.

Top Quality Blinds and Best Curtains

When you think of giving your windows a makeover, we would want you to choose Blinds Abu Dhabi. We have much more to offer than just blinds and curtains. Today our products speak for itself, of authenticity and ethnicity.

We provide Wide range of products with high quality. Blinds Included with Roller, Roman, Duplex, Aluminium venetian, Honeycomb and Motorized blinds. In the same time Curtains Included with Pencil pleat,Velvet & Chenilles,Voils & sheers, Children’s Curtains,Easy wave,etc

Quality is our trademark and we will never look back from there. Our Experience and Hospitality should make your ideas much more beautiful. Blinds Abu Dhabi provides beautiful products with amazing prices.

Blinds Abu Dhabi

Our staff is highly knowledgeable and professional and can assist you in making the perfect selection. We focus on customer satisfaction and can ensure you the best service even at extended hours.We work within excellent time frames and the products will be delivered and installed in no time. We offer houses in consultation so that our consultants can reach you at your convenient hour of the day and could present you a demo of the entire work and the final look. Once you place your order, our consultant can measure, quote and process your order without delay. Blinds and Curtains Abu Dhabi offer quick and reliable services to our customers. The fitting service is free and we hope you will have a great experience with us from start to end.

Get affordable Window treatments from Curtains Abu Dhabi

Did you know that Window curtains are an effective way to save money? Curtains Abu Dhabi has a large collection of energy-saving and energy-efficient products. Although we have thousands of combinations for textures, patterns and colours.
Our best category of Curtains is the energy-efficient category of shade blinds. Window curtains with a honeycomb and cell hanging offer better insulation. Cell shades are approximately 2 or 3 layers of fabric. The fabric layers trap all the heat and cold, making your room a cosy and comfortable place for you. Curtains Abu Dhabi also offer custom cells with double or triple cells as an additional energy-saving option. Cell curtains and pleated draperies are also energy-saving options. Our blinds and curtains not only protect your electricity bills but also protect you from the harsh sunlight that allows your furniture to fade.

Enjoy the darkness when you need to with Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are the best solution to these problems easily. Our thermal draperies have high-quality offers, especially for light blocking and decorating your home. These Blackout curtains have a lot of features. Here are some of them: it not only effectively blocks light, but also acts as an energy saver, insulates against heat and cold, and keeps cool rooms warm and soft in the winter and ensures high-quality window framing.
These curtains can be used to create dramatic effects in a dining room or in a media room or office to reduce glare on a TV or computer screen. In addition, it helps to protect the carpet and upholstery from fading due to sunlight. Enjoy the darkness whenever you want with Blackout curtains from UAE.
A huge collection of blinds and curtains made from rich fabrics are available with luxurious textures. These collections are available in various colours that are suitable for both home and office requirements.

Curtains Abu Dhabi

Sheer Curtains Abu Dhabi- Giving life to your home

Sheer Curtains are beautiful, adding light texture to your window without irritating and giving a cool atmosphere that allows air to pass through. It has a great way to brighten up your home, giving you ventilation and a relaxed atmosphere. This Curtain provides more light through the fabric, which also allows for less privacy. At Abu Dhabi, we offer a variety of choices for buying Sheer curtains in different styles and colours.
This product during the day will allow UAE to provide a clear view of the outdoors from your location. But it may not be effective at night, but don’t worry our window treatment solutions are always available.

Sheer curtains are popular for their functional aesthetic replacement. It is usually used as an inner layer rather than its level. They are usually combined with a heavy Curtain on the front or back to fulfil the purpose of privacy. Buying sheer curtains made from the finest Curtain in UAE will give your space the desired look and beauty.

Curtains Abu Dhabi

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Blinds Abu Dhabi
Blinds Abu Dhabi

“Just came last night to find my new bamboo blinds installed. Thanks to Blinds Abu Dhabi team for their professionalism”

- Abd al Sami
Blinds Abu Dhabi
Blinds Abu Dhabi

“I would recommend Blinds Abu Dhabi to friends – the staff were outstanding from a knowledge and customer service point of view.”

- William
Blinds Abu Dhabi
Blinds Abu Dhabi

“I chose Blinds Abu Dhabi because of their speed of response, creativity of ideas, range, professionalism and efficiency. Very happy.”

- Helen Golden


Who are we?

Blinds Abu Dhabi is one of the leading shutters, blinds and curtains providers in Abu Dhabi. We can guide you in providing interior design services and home maintenance services in Abu Dhabi. We have successfully made thousands of happy clients. Quality work is the key to our success. We offer high-quality work with competitive prices and 24/7 customer assistance.

Which rooms are suitable for blackout curtains?

Bedrooms are ideal for blackout curtains as they prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays from entering the room and provide privacy.

How do blackout curtains work?

With blackout curtains, you can maintain a steady room temperature by avoiding sunlight. You can avoid direct sunlight entering the room.

How do I pay for services?

We accept all payment methods, including cash, bank transfers, google play etc.

Are printed blinds expensive?

Printed blinds are considered expensive because of the gorgeous printed design of these fabrics. However, we offer quality blinds at a reasonable price range which is ideal for updating interior decoration at a low price.

Can patterned Roman shades fit exactly over the window?

Patterned Roman shades are designed to fit perfectly into any type of windows that you want to install.

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