See our comprehensive Wooden Venetian Blinds range

Find the perfect made-to-measure wooden venetian blinds within our exclusive range. There are many shades and stunning patterns to select from

The most expensive blinds choice in our collection coming in 25mm and 50mm slat widths.
Used as a major design point in interior styling and offering indulgence through naturally grained Bass wood.
The treatment the wood receives before fitting ensures the natural beauty and elements of the wood shine through.
The wood is treated and given a UV protective coat to ensure no discoloration occurs.
Operated by chord for tilting and opening and closing, or upgrade to a remote system where with the touch of a button the desired command
is executed smoothly and silently.


• Colour coordinated from the cords to the ladders
• Wipe clean with a simple cloth
• Moisture resistant
• Custom size
• Precisely cut from our Bass wood collection
• 5-year warranty on slats
• High strength steel rail which will not warp or bend over time
• End of wood is painted/ treated as colour match


Wooden Venetian Blinds

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Wood venetian blinds
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Wooden venetian blinds

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