Wooden Venetian Blinds

These wooden Venetian blinds provide a warm and natural feel to your home and workspaces. Wooden Venetian blinds are available in natural wood colors and fashionable tints. Another peculiar feature is the easy operation for different requirements. The most precise control of heat and light and the excellent user control are the highlights of our wooden blinds. Decorative tapes are added to your wooden blinds for an extra touch of luxury. Wooden blinds in Abu Dhabi eco-friendly environment in your home. Blinds Abu Dhabi provide this with budget friendly cost.


Wooden blinds look stylish and elegant in any room, whether it is your living room or bedroom. Use faux wood Venetian blinds if you have wet weather. For dry weather, wooden faux blinds go a long way. Well, let’s look at places where you can install your wooden blinds. These blinds can be installed in your loved places like your bedroom or living room. Think of a place where you can have your evening tea or entertain your guests, these places need to look great. This product can make these places look stylish and elegant. These blinds always keep privacy in your space and control the immense light. Wooden blinds also maintain a relaxing environment and add a soft hue to your bedroom. Wooden blinds are good for dry areas, but if you want to install blinds in damp places like the kitchen, go for faux blinds. Install this blind especially to measure dimensions above the sink so the wood does not come into contact with water. Wooden blinds begin to expand when in direct contact with water. You can have colored faux blinds to match your kitchen windows.  It is very easy to clean and it looks beautiful like Honeycomb blinds.


  • Coordinated color from strings to ladder
  • Clean with a simple cloth
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Custom size
  • 5 year warranty slats
  • High-strength steel rail that does not wrap or bend over time
  • The end of the wood is painted

Wooden Venetian Blinds

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