Make the Safest Blinds Quards in AbuDhabi for Children and Pets.

Make Blinds cords in Abu Dhabi

Let’s face it, nothing at home ever feels safe enough when it comes to children and pets. You might spend a lot of time babyproofing every inch of your house, only to feel like you are always forgetting something. Although TV cables and other electrical appliances are taken into consideration, many people forget about the cords for their automated blinds in Abu Dhabi. Yes, these are dangling cords that provide an easy way to operate your Abu Dhabi blinds but might be a choking or strangulation hazard for small children if you are not careful. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your child or pet is always safe at home, especially when it comes to your window treatments. 

Older blinds in Abu Dhabi with chairs or looped cords are most dangerous around kids, and you need to make them safer. Luckily, several changes to legal standards for window treatments have improved the safety of products since 2014. Now you can find new Abu Dhabi blinds with looped cords that already have child safety devices installed either at the manufacturing point or sold with your screens. However, blinds in Abu Dhabi that were installed before that might not have these essential features, thus affecting many households. 

To make your home safe for small children and pets when it comes to the cords of your blinds is to fit a tidy cleat or tensioner. This should be fixed firmly to an adjoining surface so that the chain or cables for your Abu Dhabi blinds are held in place securely. The cleats you use should also be positioned away from areas that children can reach. Aim to have this installed over a meter above the ground. The cords for your screens should also be tied and neatly fastened in figure-eight after opening or closing them for privacy or light control. Any spare cable should also be secured on this cleat so that it is not dangling to catch any unwanted attention from the little ones. 

Finally, the best way to make your windows safer around children is by removing all surrounding furniture. Kids love to climb things all the time. You might only have your eye off them for a moment, and they may end up on top of a table ripping down your Abu Dhabi blinds, causing irreparable damage. It is always best to keep all furniture away from the windows and your blinds in Abu Dhabi, even if you secure all the cords correctly. No baby cots, beds, playpens, or highchairs should be near a balcony or window.

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