Make the Safest Blinds Quards in Abu Dhabi for Children and Pets.

Millions of new blinds are sold around the world every year. Unfortunately, the children have been injured every day involving blinds in the home. Recently, the Arab emirates reported the statistics of child per month dies as a result of strangulation from blind cords. 

The good news is many of these incidents are easily prevented by the new venture of Abu Dhabi blinds. Blinds Abu Dhabi offer child safety devices, especially blinds and curtains, on the market today. Blinds Abu Dhabi is very eager to minimize the risk of a child sustaining any form of injury and offer child safety blinds for our customers. Also, the older products are replaced by new ones, the dangerous elements are strictly reduced to the  blinds. We are providing safety control devices for the people at no cost. 

Give your kid’s room a whole new look and feel with an exclusive range of window blinds. Now you can upgrade the color scheme, add playful designs and adventure patterns to the windows of your child’s living space and personalize the window dressings to your little one’s likes, as our exclusive window blind collection has got a perfect blind for every child, Adolescents, and teens. Blinds Abu Dhabi provide safety, practicality, and style with our custom-made blinds specially designed for children, thereby offering peace of mind to parents through child safety systems, and enhancing the atmosphere with chic & trendy window blinds. We also make custom-made curtains for your kid’s room, matching their curtains to their room’s cartoon theme. Abu Dhabi blinds also offered the print kid’s name on the top of the curtains to make them more customized. 

If you are buying roller, roman, Venetian, wooden, or Vertical blinds with strings, it is prudent to install a small cleat or hook around the string to fit your Abu Dhabi Blinds, so there are no loose strings. They are mounted at least 1.5 m above the ground. 

Curtains Abu Dhabi will take care of installing the appropriate child safety blinds and curtains for you on your fitting day.