Double Pinch Pleat Curtains Abu Dhabi

A Double pinch pleat curtains also known as dutch pleat curtains and it delivers an elegant window style compared to single pinch pleat curtains this header takes up more fabric, maintains fabric efficiency, and allows for more control over beautiful fabric folds, thereby hanging a beautiful curtain. Double pinch pleat curtains have a highly decorative heading, with lots of fabric gathered together and sewn into a bunch on top. Permanently sewn plates make for a great finish, flowing beautiful folds from top to bottom. Their way of look is more lavish and stylish. They will surely provide a rich look for your home like our Easy wave Curtains

The pinch pleat curtains are another way to change the look and feel of your place. It’s clean and classic. These curtain panels complement your windows and enhance your room. These double pinch pleat curtains panels are connected with blackout insulation to keep out ultraviolet rays. The exclusive home pinch pleat curtain panel pair is great, elegant, and linen look for a calm and stylish look. You can use pinch pleat curtains to cover three windows instead of three-panel sets. Frame your favorite window with the Windsor pinch pleat curtain panel and increase the visual height of any room.   

Enhance your decor with the simple elegance of this product. Renovate your room with this pinch pleat curtain. These curtains are very difficult to find, especially in semi-sheer. There’s nothing to deny this: everyone loves the look of a full-length window, and can’t achieve that look better than a bunch of pinch pleat curtain panels. Blinds Abu Dhabi can provide high quality Curtain products to you.

Special features

  • Double pinch pleat curtains have crispiness in the fabric
  • Easy to maintain and easily washable
  • Pinch pleat curtains can be attached to a curtain pole or track

Double Pinch Pleat Curtains

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