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Find the perfect made-to-measure voiles & sheers within our exclusive range. There are many shades and stunning patterns to select from

For sunshine without the glare, for privacy with a view, our gorgeous voiles are the curtains for you. They’re not just a practical stop gap either. Delicate, dainty and positively lovely, they’ll add a touch of sophistication to your life too.
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sunshine every day? With our collection of voile curtains you can let all that beautiful light shine into your home, making it feel open, spacious and warm. Our sheer fabrics do more than just that though. They also stop the glare from shining off your TV, damaging your carpets and fading your furniture. You’ll also get perfect privacy to stop those nosy neighbours from looking into your home. A voile curtain isn’t just practical though, its also extremely elegant. The lightly woven fabrics come in delicate hues of pristine white, soft cream and lots of other natural and neutral tones. You’ll also find one or two stripes and patterns together with the odd linen weave. They make a beautifully sophisticated addition to any home.


Voiles & Sheers

cirrus voile curtain abudhabi
cava voile oyster curtain abudhabi
Serengeti voile curtain abudhabi
glace voile white curtain abudhabi
verbier voile curtain abudhabi
zurich voile soft white curtain
madagascar curtain abudhabi
thorens voile curtain abudhabi
cirrus voile white curtain abudhabi
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