Choose Best Slat Size for Your Blinds in Abu Dhabi

Slat size for your blinds in Abudhabi

Blinds in Abu Dhabi are the most popular window treatments and easily complement any type
of interior décor, whether you have a classic or contemporary style. They can provide a
sophisticated and finished look to any space in both commercial and residential areas. Most
people focus mainly on material, colour, texture, finish, and stain. You might also pay attention
to whether you want to operate them with cords or go for a motorized set. However, the slat
size is a commonly overlooked feature when residents are buying their Abu Dhabi blinds. Here
is how you can always pick the right size to enhance your space.

Why Does the Slat Size Matter?
The right size for your Abu Dhabi blinds can make a positive impact on the finished look for your
window. This creates a difference when it comes to functionality aspects, such as light and
privacy control, and openness. The size of your window will determine the width of the blinds
or vane size. For the best visual effect, you will need a slat size that is proportional to your
window for both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Larger vanes or slats will make a style
statement if you want a bold effect with clean lines. Smaller slats are ideal for classic,
transitional, or traditional decors.

Slats for Small Windows
Since proportionality plays a significant role, you will need smaller slats if your windows are
small. For example, window frames that are short and wide enough can be covered with
smaller slats of half or one inch. These will not overwhelm your window and will make it appear
taller because you can fit more slats. If your window is tall but narrow, you can benefit from the
vertical height with larger slats that are more than two inches.

Slats for Medium Windows
When you are buying blinds in Abu Dhabi for medium-sized windows, you can go for the most
common slat size, which is two inches by default. Or you can choose a bigger or smaller size if
you have a different preference. For a bold and modern impact, the best slat size is two and a
half inches. If you want a sleeker look for your Abu Dhabi blinds, you can use smaller slats that
will also block more outdoor light compared to the larger sizes.

Slats for Large Windows
Larger windows are more challenging to cover because of their height and vast expanse. You
might have to get bigger slat sizes or large vanes to cover bay windows or sliding doors. The
bigger slats will cover these large windows adequately while creating a balanced visual appeal.
Otherwise, smaller slats would look cluttered and disproportionate on large windows because
you will need to use more of them to do the same job. Big windows also need heavier Abu
Dhabi blinds, but you can use materials such as faux wood, vinyl, or fabrics that are naturally
lighter. You can order Vertical or wooden blinds of up to two and a half inches in slat size to
cover the large area better for the best appearance.

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