Curtain Rods for Home Designs

Every curtain rod is functional, but an exceptional curtain rod type serves an aesthetic and decorative touch to the home interiors.

Curtains Design Trends In 2021

Selecting the perfect statement for home decor is an overwhelming process that requires absolute precision to make it phenomenal. Screwing something permanent into the wall like the curtain rod is a task that exhibits extremities. It either becomes mind-blowing or ends up as a piece of crap. Select the proper size, perfect colour and choose the ideal finial to accent the look and create the right window decor.

Curtains Abudhabi provides the perfect guideline to know more about the perfect curtain hardware options, including curtain rods and accessories to grant a substantial-finish to your interior design theme.

Best Ready Made Curtain Rods

The curtain rod is an inevitable statement in window treatment. It serves as a support for draperies and the central focus of your hardware. Here are a few types of curtain rods that are on-trend these days.

Prism-Finial Drapery Rod

This curtain rod type is one of the most recommended styles among interior designers. The geometric prism finials and elegant brassy finish of the inexpensive and adjustable metallic rod from the international market have got tremendous recognition in the Blinds Abudhabi market.

The subtle look contributes to the appealing design elements of the room. This curtain rod comes with the appropriate hardware like the brackets and finials for installation.

Curtain Rod with Statement Finials

An affordable yet phenomenal option in finials and finishes exhibit a splendid personality to the interiors. A stainless curtain rod capped with long and cylindrical black marble finial imparts a moodier look. And if you are searching for a traditional look, try a black telescopic rod with crystal globe finials at both ends.

Iron Rod and Finials

Iron curtains rods are on trend these days for their affordable pricing and matte finish. The black option is discreet within its beauty. The stark colour is a versatile piece of statement that can be used for many types of curtain styles. The rod complements both goblet and eyelet curtains. The classic statement blends well with pocket type curtains Dubai as well as curtains with additional hardware. This type allows a lot of features for customization.

Mid-Century Wooden Rod

This rod takes us to ancient times and inhabits an eternal fashion. The wooden curtain rods has numerous decor styles, including mid-century, traditional, modern and rustic styles that offer a soft edge to the interiors. A wooden rod featuring brass-finished mounting hardware and finials contributes glam on point. It is a sophisticated and substantial styling.

The Wrought Iron Hardware

The customisable hardware complements a clean and unfussy drapery. The thin black iron rods with smaller rings is tidy and unobstructed and offers a curtain styling that becomes the centre of attraction.

One-Inch Round Steel Tube Rod

The key feature of a customisable curtain rod is that it would not be telescopic like others. A one-inch steel rod imparts a seamless look to your window draperies. Steel rods are more affordable. Above all, you can customise the shape, diameter, finish and length of your rods. Blinds Abudhabi offers fabulous customer service where the additional hardware like finials, mounting brackets, and rings are customised to make your curtains and draperies an eye-catching interior statement.

Thus, curtain rods are an essential part of window treatment. They enhance the aesthetics of your interiors as much as your drapery does. In the current scenario, there are numerous styles of curtains Dubai and curtain rods to impart the perfect appeal to your room space. So always make sure to choose the right curtain rod for the most eye-catching interiors.