Clean Your Blinds in AbuDhabi On A Tight Budget

Clean your blinds in abudhabi

Blinds in Abu Dhabi risk losing their aesthetic appeal if they are not given a thorough deep clean. There are many dusty days in the UAE, especially around summer, when it is too hot to function, and then the occasional sandstorms also come knocking on everybody’s doors. We have all seen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, right? Sandstorms in the UAE are not as brutal as depicted in the movie. However, you must have felt frustrated on a windy day feeling like everything inside was getting blanketed by dust, especially around or your windows. If you have not given your Abu Dhabi blinds an excellent deep clean for a month or a couple of years, now is the best time to start, and you do not need to spend a lot on professionals to do such a simple job. 

Cleaning Dusty Blinds

If you rub your finger on the surface of your slats and notice a lot of dust, it is time to rush to the nearest hardware store and pick up a sponge, a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, microfiber cloths, white vinegar, liquid dish soap, and some furniture polish. These are everyday inexpensive household products that you might already have at home. Dusty blinds in Abu Dhabi are the easiest to clean. You can use a microfiber cloth or duster to sweep dirt. Alternatively, use the vacuum for a speedier job, and then pick up all the dust off the floor as well. 

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

As time passes, one can accumulate great wisdom, but also some grease, dust, and grime that make your Abu Dhabi blinds lose their visual appeal. If you have metal or plastic screens, you will need to create a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Then add some liquid dish soap as the finishing touch. Grab your brand-new sponge and soak it in the mix for a few moments, and then wring it to get rid of excess water. Gently dab your individual slats clean and let them air dry. 

Avoid using water while cleaning wooden blinds in Abu Dhabi. When wood is exposed to some moisture, it can shrink or crack as it slowly rots covered in mould. Water can cause your wooden Abu Dhabi blinds to fall apart, and they will be expensive to replace. The safest way to clean any wooden surfaces is to use a soft rag and some furniture polish to gently wipe off stains. For the most persistent stains that are challenging to remove, you might need to take down your blinds and lay them in a tub of warm water mixed with vinegar, baking soda, and dishwashing soap. Let them enjoy an hour-long bath as you wipe off the grime and dirt with a sponge. Then let your clean blinds in Abu Dhabi air dry for a while before wiping them down with a dry cloth before re-hanging them on your windows.

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